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About Us

The Hilltown Township Volunteer Fire Company protects citizens of Hilltown and New Britain Townships in Bucks County. The area is a rural community located between the cities of Philadelphia and Allentown.

Our specially trained membership of approximately 40 volunteers provides Emergency Medical, Fire Suppression, and Rescue services over an 18 sq mile area which consists of mostly residential and commercial structures. These services are provided from two Fire Stations, one in the Village of Line Lexington and the other in the Village of Hilltown. Using two Engines, one Rescue/Engine a Tanker and a Quick Response EMS Vehicle.


The Line Lexington Volunteer Fire Company was organized in 1942 after receiving its first fire truck from the Silverdale Volunteer Fire Company. The property which the fire station sat on was located just off Bethlehem Pike near Hilltown Pike and was donated by the Conley family of Line Lexington.


During this time World War II was underway and the nation was concerned with invasion and bombing from the enemy. Much of the equipment used to start the local fire company was surplus WW I equipment which was received from the federal governments "Civil Defense" program. Some of this equipment included steel "Dough boy" helmets, first aid kits and crude smoothbore 2 1/2" nozzles. Charles Layer who was a retired Philadelphia Fire Department Captain became the first Fire Chief of the Line Lexington Volunteer Fire Company. The Line Lexington Volunteer Fire Company was sometimes referred to as LLVFC, in which the members were known for the large double LL's on the backside of their coats. During wartime most of the nation's male population was involved overseas working towards the war effort, leaving the states virtually unprotected or weak in its emergency services. The village of Line Lexington utilized its female population to help operate the village's fire equipment during emergencies. The Line Lexington Volunteer Fire Company served the village of Line Lexington and surrounding communities until the late 1980's when the company was rechartered under the name of Hilltown Township Volunteer Fire Company. At this time a second fire station was constructed in the upper portion of the fire district just off of route 152. 

Past Chiefs of the Line Lexington-Hilltown Volunteer Fire Companies: (In order) 

  • Charles Layer

  • Peter Darde Sr

  • Laverne "Wormy" Walter

  • Richard "Eagle" Detwiler

  • John G. Gourley Jr.

  • John L. Snyder

  • Robert H. Grunmeier II

  • James E. Gill

  • David A. Crouthamel (Acting)

  • William V. Devlin Sr. 

  • Robert Grunmeier II (second time)

  • Jim Walter-Current

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